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发展历程 /  Development 




Phase Ⅳ
Jan., 2015 Hepu Power was listed as Guangdong High-efficiency Electrical Engineering Technology Research Center.
Jan., 2015 Mr.Makhta Diop, Vice President of the World Bank, visited Hepu Power.
Mar., 2015 Hepu Power was awarded Key Innovative and High Growth Enterprise of Guangdong Province.
May, 2015 Hepu Power won the Major Science and Technology Special Project Award of Guangdong Province.
Mar., 2016 Hepu Power (Jiangsu) Co., LTD. (East China manufacturing Base) was established.
Mar., 2016 Hepu Power passed the TS16949 Quality System Certification.
May, 2016 The company's shares were reformed, and its name was changed to "Hepu Power Co., Ltd."
Jun., 2016 Hepu Power introduced strategic investment National Small and Medium Enterprise Development Fund.
Jun., 2017 Hepu Power was listed as Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center.
Oct., 2017 Hepu Power won Guangdong Province Applied Science and Technology Project Award.
Apr., 2018 Hepu Power (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and controller R&D center were established.
Jun., 2018 New energy electric vehicle powertrain laboratory was established.
Jun., 2018 Hepu Power passed IATF16949:2016 quality management system certification.
Oct., 2018 Hepu Power electric vehicle powertrain was successfully developed and passed testing and verification.
May, 2019 Hepu Power passed the product safety performance UL certification in the United States.
May, 2019 Hepu Power put into the automatic assembly line of new energy electric vehicle powertrain.
Dec., 2019 Hepu Power was recognized as National High-tech Enterprise.
Jan., 2020 Hepu Power's Guangdong Applied Science and Technology Project passed the acceptance
Jun., 2020 Motors for FIAT passenger car project in Italy began to be Mass Supplied.
Sep., 2020, Motors for XPeng Automobile G3 model began to be Mass Supplied.





Phase III
Jul., 2013 Hepu Power was awarded National High-Tech Enterprise.
Nov., 2013 Hepu Power obtained National Hi-Tech & Innovation Fund Project Reward.
Mar., 2013 The Chinese Academy of Science Co-engineering Unit was established.
Jan., 2014 Moved to Zhaoqing National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

(South China manufacturing base).
May., 2014 The Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central

Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council Hu Chunhua visited Hepu Power.
May., 2014 The new factory opening ceremony New Journey New Dream was held.
Nov., 2014 Hepu Power passed the National Car Quality Supervision

and Testing Center Certification.





Phase II
Mar, 2012 Passed the CE certification of the European authoritative TUV.
May, 2012 Hepu Power was awarded Foshan Hi-Tech Enterprise.
Sep, 2012 Passed ISO14000 Environmental Management System Certification.
Oct., 2012 The cooperation base of South China University of Technology for Industry,

Academy & Research was founded.
Dec., 2012 Hepu Power Electric Vehicle Motor won the Guangdong

Provincial Innovation Fund Award Project.






Phase I
Mar., 2010 Hepu Power Co., Ltd. was established.
Dec., 2010 ERP management system was adopted.
May., 2011 Passed ISO9001 Quality Management System certification.
Oct., 2011 Hepu Power was awarded Guangdong Private Technological Enterprise.
Dec., 2011 Hepu Power was awarded Key Support Enterprises of Nanhai District of Foshan City.
Dec., 2011 PM gearless traction machines were rewarded by Guangdong Innovation Fund Project.



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