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“HEPU” Obtained A Patent Certification Again!

Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 16:21:44

“HEPU” Obtained A Patent Certification Again!   

   Recently, authorized by State Intellectual Property Office, Guangdong Hepu Power Technology Co., Ltd. obtains a utility model patent again. The name of this new patent is “A kind of Permanent Magnet Synchronous with Freely Supported Structure”. Patent No. is ZL201120373327.5. 


Since our company was founded, HEPU has been devoting itself to the energy-saving and environment friendly power technology innovation and keep pursuing the perfect quality. Especially, our technologies of the BLGL traction machine are from USA, but our engineers are not just only copy the technologies and drawings of the foreign products. Relied on their rich experience and absorbing the advantage of the foreign technologies, they have made some innovations on the details of the products according to customers’ requirements. The hand-winding devices become more user-friendly, reliable and safer after its improvement. Long distance brake release works more smoothly. As the rotor, we adopted the patented fixed device which make the magnetic circuit more reasonable, energy-saving and high efficiency. New connection for the electromagnetism circuit can reduce the noise when the machines are working efficiently and achieve its noiseless step by step.

  HEPU obtained 9 patents within these three years since it started in 2010. Since HEPU was founded, we have been focusing on the scientific research and encourage our R& D tem to keep innovating. This is the reason why our BLGL traction machine is safe and reliable and it is also the scientific guarantee for our fast development.


     The influence HEPU brand is improving with continuous innovating technologies, stable and mature product performance. Nowadays, HEPU not only covers three series of BLGL traction machines (drum brake series, plate brake series and bock brake series), but also process low voltage motors, drive for the electric cars and the other energy-saving and environment friendly products. In the future, Guangdong HEPU team will pay more attention to the development of global environment friendly power system and increase the investment of the scientific research constantly in order to enhance the professional technical study and seek the comprehensive development of our power system. We believe that with our effort, HEPU power will soar in the new sky.



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