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Hepu Power Five Years to Grind a Sword Three-in-one Powertrain Official Appearance

Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 16:45:49

Hepu Power insists on independent research and innovation, and grasps the core technology of new energy vehicle powertrain. Hepu Power has a high-quality technology research and development team of more than 120 people, and has selected Talents from the National Ten Thousand People Program, National Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talents, Leading Talents in Science and Technology Entrepreneurship in Guangdong Province, Xijiang TopTalents, and other High-tech Talents in short Supply in Xijiang. In 2015, by participating in various exhibitions at home and abroad, Hepu Power fully understood the needs of major automobile manufacturers in the market and determined the direction of technology research and development of modular, highly integrated and platform-based powertrain products. Hepu Power lightning building powertrain research and development team, the controller R&D team and gearbox R&D team, grasp the new energy vehicle motor, controller, gearbox and powertrain as well as other core technology, the core team members have more than 20 years development experience of motor, controller and gearbox, they are the elites in the industry who have been engaged in the research and development of relevant technologies for many years, they have a wealth of practical experience and profound technology accumulation and precipitation. In the new energy vehicle powertrain competition increasingly fierce market environment, Hepu Power has grasped the motor, controller, gearbox these three core technologies, which becomes the key to win the market competition power -train initiative.


In order to make the development of powertrain go on smoothly, Hepu Power test station has been continuously iterating and upgrading to fully test the powertrain of new energy vehicles. In 2017, Hepu Power put into construction a wall-mounted power -train laboratory with muffled sound. The powertrain laboratory has a maximum power of 350KW, a maximum wheel end speed of 3300rpm and a maximum wheel end torque of 4500N.m.The number of test equipment for the drive system of Hepu Power new energy vehicle exceeds more than 120 sets, which can meet many national standard requirements (GB/T18488, QC/T1002) and international standard requirements (ITAF16949, IS0 9001, UL, CE).Product design verification and testing capabilities cover platform performance verification, loading durability test, IP67 waterproof and dustproof test, mechanical vibration test, mechanical impact test, NVH test, high and low temperature cyclic impact test, high and low temperature loading and operation test, etc. Meanwhile, it can support customized testing projects for powertrain required by vehicle enterprises.



So far, nearly five years of research and development, Hepu Power respectively introduced 30 KW powertrain, 45 KW powertrain, 70 KW powertrain, 90 KW powertrain, 120 KW powertrain and other series powertrain technology products, the motor adopts the design of high speed permanent magnet synchronous, the controller adopts the design customized IGBT modules and capacitors, reducer adopts the design of high speed ratio, which make the power system possesses the bright spots such as high power density, small volume, NVH with excellent performance, and go through a lot of testing and practice, so as to make the power system more secure, more reliable, more mature, Hepu Power has been supporting to form a complete set for many vehicle enterprises. 



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