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The E vehicle powertrain production line of the domestic independent brand Hepu Power wa

Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2022-04-08 16:59:47

The E-vehicle powertrain production line of the domestic independent brand "Hepu Power" was officially put into production

After 5 years of R&D,testing and verification, Hepu Power’s 3 in 1 powertrain series products have gradually been put into the market. In order to improve production efficiency and product quality, in December of 2019, Hepu Power’ automatic production line, with its capacity 250,000sets, was officially put into production.

Stator and rotor assembly process of powertrain production line


A total of 6 robots, 17 automated installation equipmentsand 16 testing equipments have been invested in the powertrain automation production line, integrated with intelligent material distribution AGV, using an intelligent control feedback system, which covers incoming material control, equipment data collection and status monitoring, Material error prevention and product traceability, etc., optimized and integrated product manufacturing processes, and built a demonstration line integrating automated assembly and information intelligent monitoring. It only takes 90 seconds to produce a powertrain, and the annual production capacity is up to 250,000sets.

Automatic magnet insertion process

Stator and rotor assembly process

Case assembly process


The powertrain automated production line has a total length of 102 meters and 23 automated stations, which can produce two platforms,total4 standard products . The production line is a highly intelligent, highly digitalized, highly automated integrated rotor automated production line combine with motor automated assembly line, reducer automated assembly line, powertrain automated assembly line, automated inspection of each process, and MES information systemproduction line. The production information data of all automated equipment in the production line are connected to the MES system to realize the quantitative analysis of the generated data, provide substantial and effective basic data for quality improvement, effectively improve the product qualification rate and ensure product quality consistency.


Powertrain products ready to go offline


The powertrain automated production line implements the concept of "machines instead of labour force", which not only brings the effects of downsizing, increasing efficiency, and improving quality to Hepu Power, but also injects strong impetus into the rapid development of Hepu Power and it helps to improve the international competitiveness of domestic independent brands in the core components of the new energy electric vehicle industry.



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