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Personnel Philosophies
Hepu Power regards the employees as the valuable treasures. We pay attention to acquire and cultivate the hard working-oriented, creative-oriented and leadership-oriented genius ---Who beloved and supported by genius, who will win the world. Hepu carries out the aim-guides-oriented management, which need every employee work on his own initiative rather than restricted by the management. Besides, we offer a big stage for the staffs to show their own talents. We hope every employee can get well developed. We are one of the members of Hepu family when we enter into this company. What’s more, we are also the one who conveys the spirit of our company culture.
Guide lines on Personnel 
Maintain the outstanding employees with good career development, nice working environment, favorable treatment and sincere emotion.
In a word, we provide nice working environment and positive company culture for every employee which makes everyone has the sense of cohesion and belonging; Hepu tries its best to offer competitive salary and favorable welfare for employees in order to achieve its win-win situation; We sincerely invite you to join in Hepu Power family and work together for a prosperous future.