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  Enjoy Your Elevator Journey with HEPU POWER “Noiseless” Geraless Traction Machines.

- Adopt special electromagnetism design concept which make the less noise.
-According to the finite element analysis, adopted the double-integration structure design concept.
-New structure brake, low energy consumed and extends the lifetime.
-New electricity supply program which achieve its noiseless.
-The noise of the whole braking machine is less than 45DB
Above advantages provide you a wonderful elevator journey.

  Product advantages:  
- Double integration design concept; double bracing structure ensure stable moving.
- Long life time USA brand bearing,
- Adopt QT700 which controls the rigidity within HB235-280
- Shaft deflection is less than 0.02mm
- Fatigue strength safety coefficient is more than 1.5.
- Strong bending resistance ability
- Key components passed the finite element force analysis

Adopt double integration design concept
- Rotor integration
- No loose screw risk, safe and reliable
- High concentricity rotor
- The jerk between brake and traction sheave below 0.05.
- The base and the cover are combined together
- Machining the front bearing and back bearing at a time. High concentricity and good quality improve the jerk between the sheave and the brake.
- Stronger and safer
  Technology advantages: 
- 12-Year Technical Foundation
- 27 Patented Technologies
- 5 Invention Patents
- Plenty years of multinational company working experiences.
- Focusing on the improvement of details and technology and in pursuit of perfect quality constantly.

  Quality advantages: 
-Obtained ISO9001 Certification
-Passed the test of Shenzhen Institute of Special Equipment Inspection and Test
- Strict Quality Control System


  Service advantages: 
-Promised to provide superior solutions within 24 hours when problems occurred.
-8 years experience for after service in foreign-funded enterprises.